Hollyoaks: The Best and Worst Couples

Hollyoaks: The Best and Worst CouplesSoap Operas always have couples we all love or hate. From couples who are only together because of VISA’s to ones who are high-school sweethearts. Over the years there has been so much drama over who’s with who and this especially happens in Hollyoaks. The show has been on the air for 22 years this October and is one of the most popular in the UK. The demands for exciting and thrilling storylines grow every year with people wanting more. Drama concerning love is always a hit with the Hollyoaks audience and therefore the producers are forever creating new and exciting love interests and couples who are just bound to fail from the beginning. We know these storylines aren’t real life but they’re pretty entertaining and that’s what makes us go back time and time again.

Hollyoaks have created so many couples over the years that some of us have loved and some of us can’t stand to even think about. The best and worst couples are always easy to know about because no one ever stops talking about them.

The Best

Nancy and Darren’s relationship started in 2011 with the pair falling in love quite quickly. Upon the return of Darren’s ex Suzanne, and her news of being pregnant the pair split up. They have had many ups and downs in their relationship including a miscarriage, two marriages and eventually having a child who was premature and deaf. Despite all of their difficulties, the couple has always been one of the nation’s favourites.

Calvin and Carmel started dating after Carmel read her horoscope with Frankie. Although the pair weren’t exactly a match made in heaven and ultimately Calvin cheated on Carmel, the relationship just really hit home with many viewers. They could relate to the ‘real’ love the two shared. After their marriage, the two seemed to get progressively worse and the relationship ended with the death of Calvin in 2010.

Sienna and Warren are the best and worst pair all mixed together don’t you think? Their fiery and complicated relationship has always kept viewers on the edge of their seat, from Sienna going to prison for her daughter to recently finding out they’re expecting twins. The pair isn't the conventional love everyone dreams of but they’re definitely a Hollyoaks pair we won’t forget anytime soon.

The Worst

Holly and Nick had a very short-lived romance and ever since the start of 2017, their relationship has turned very nasty. As well as raping Ellie whilst at a party, Nick – in a recent storyline – has admitted to also raping Holly. Probably one of the worst ‘relationships’ in the history of Hollyoaks purely because of the turn it’s taken in recent months.

Tony and Tegan relationship is practically non-existent but no one ever likes a soap love affair so viewers have always thought the worst of Tony kissing Tegan in 2015. Even though she is the legal mother of his biological child it doesn’t automatically mean he can kiss her, surely? He didn’t see it like that for certain!

Nathan and Holly are set for disaster. Holly’s lies have been spiralling out of control for quite some time and kissing Nathan after she killed his girlfriend in a car crash probably wasn’t her best decision yet. The future of the couple is yet to be determined but surely, she can’t keep lying to him about the truth? Maybe she could, which would lead to another Hollyoaks relationship fail!

Who has been your favourite and least favourite couple in Hollyoaks since it started?


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