Jeremy Kyle to the Rescue

jeremy kyle to the rescue

Jeremy Kyle has been going for over 12 years and through the years of being on air, there have been many times that we’ve laughed, cried, and even cringed at the disastrous characters and people that have been on the show. Somehow no matter the situation that people are in, he can always sort the problem out. Jeremy Kyle is basically the Superman of the 21st-century real world, and everyone can watch him on the TV whenever they want, there’s a reason it’s in ITV2 every day after all isn’t there? From toothless cheaters to ‘innocent’ drug users, this show has really got it all. Viewers aren’t surprised by anything these days, and so they shouldn’t be when every new day brings a whole new surprise. 12 years of endless dramas haven’t always seen Jeremy coming to the rescue though, it’s obvious that sometimes people can only help themselves!


Jeremy baffled

Remember the time a few years back when Jeremy got an envelope thrown at his head by a guest, Kev? The story began as the two guests on the show were taking a DNA and 2 lie detector tests, after not getting the results they wanted - the only option was to throw the envelope at Jeremy. Not a good idea by the guest… Although he isn’t the stupidest to ever go on the show. One time a tough guy threatened to ‘punch Jeremy’s f**king lights out’ after finding the results of a DNA test, there was no luck in his light punching quest. This meant he then proceeded to take out the security guard Steve, everyone knows not to mess with him.

The problem with these guests who are always on the show, they somehow think they can deceive the system – cheaters come on and they think that they’ll pass the lie detector test when everyone knows that’s not possible. From revealing a potential father’s cocaine addiction to helpJeremy Kyle Goes Wilding a father propose after getting happy DNA results – Jeremy Kyle is always to the rescue. He’s even had a transgender woman ask him to marry her if that’s not quality British entertainment then what is? The popularity of the show meant it even has had airtime in America with even bigger, violent stories. We all know how big, bad Americans can be!

Jeremy Kyle has always got a solution to any of life’s problems, if you want to make a show of yourself in front of millions of people on air whilst also acting like you’re the best person in the world you can sign up to be on the show here. Jeremy Kyle – there’s only one after all.