Why You Should Be Watching Come Dine with Me.

why you should watch come dine with meFrom learning new cooking tricks to hosting the perfect dinner party, Come Dine with Me is a great way to get yourself prepared for anything that could happen in your own home. The Channel 4 show airs a new episode every week, and every week it seems to get better and better. After running for over 12 years and airing in over 30 countries all over the world, the show has quite a lot of success. The general gist of the show is that four or five amateur chefs (sometimes amateur is a complete overstatement!) who compete to win £1,000 by hosting the others for a dinner party. David Lamb provides the narration for the show, using dry and sarcastic humour to lighten up even the most depressing of dinner parties.

Come Dine with Me has caused multiple breakdowns, funny antics, and friendships to fall apart but if you love funny, spontaneous humour then it’s a show that should be on your weekly watch-list. Many episodes have shown competitors being completely ridiculous and it is kind of a reminder of the lengths people will go for some money. Last year, an episode aired in the 37th series in which a host Peter, demonstrated the worst way to deal with losing. His five-course meal made him think that he wouldn’t get a low score. That was until he found out he’d gotten the lowest out of all the hosts – which then lead to a hilarious ‘cringe’ moment and a fiery confrontation with one of the other hosts, Jane. Calling one of your guests a ‘fat troll’ during the evening, isn’t really setting yourself up for a win, is it, Peter?

If that’s not enough proof to put the show on record, there have been so many moments like it throughout the 12 years. After all, what do you really expect letting people compete for a big sum of money? Of course, things are going to get heated… An Irish celebrity special which featured Paul Martin (TV presenter) and Brian Kennedy (musician), ended in a hysterically awkward moment after Paul made a dig at Brian’s music. The night ended in Paul leaving soaked in red wine, surely enough all the other guests didn’t keep the laughter to themselves!

Most nights, the hosts don’t end up so wet but they do bring animal impressions or even the guests throwing their dinner in the bin. Possibly one of the funniest episodes of the 12 years came in 2010 when the conversation was lacking at one of the host's parties, she thought it would be great entertainment to start impersonating animals, bad idea wasn’t it Sarah?

It’s one of those shows that really does leave you laughing till your belly hurts, and what makes it even better is the fact that it’s all real. Often the guests and host forget about the cameras which allows true colours to show and people’s true colours are always something hilarious enough, that you can’t afford to miss it.

You can catch Come Dine with Me on Channel 4 catch up or new episodes most weekdays on the same channel or 4seven.