Game of Thrones – Season 7 Thoughts


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Thoughts on Game of thrones Season 7

The thing I like about watching Game Of Thrones is there is always something going on. Unlike something like Walking Dead where there is a lot of dead episodes, no-pun intended.

It is so good I always pay a premium price to either watch it live or get it on Amazon or HBO to catch up with it after I finish working on this website. Other people will watch it on illegal streaming sites like ATDHE but would rather pay to watch it in high-quality rather than with the low bandwidth and pop-ups.

My favourite character through the show has been Ayra. Played by Massie Williams who is an apprentice of my great-uncle Micheal Caine. Massie plays the character with real method acting and Ayra reminds me of my younger days when I played Dungeons and Dragons as a teen with my younger brother. Good memories. Dragons and escapism from leafy but dreary south-London.

I don't actually like all the debauchery in Game of Thrones and often finds it goes too far without really complimenting the good story telling that I find immersive enough. Like any good show, there is always great intrigue and emerging twisting plotlines to keep you wanting more no matter how long you have been binging on it that night.

As I write this it is Sunday and I am excitedly looking forward to it being Monday already so I can get another dose of the cure for boredom that the programme always is. My other most favourite character, Tyrian has been a bit lacklustre taking more of a back seat recently but I think he is going to make a re-emergence with his scheming and witty one-liners.

We are getting to the end game more and more. Looking forward to seeing if John Snow is able to collaborate with the Dragon Queen or will she let her ego dictate she has to play empress and therefore will put John in an awkward position that he won't be able to subject his own position as King of the North too. What ever happens it will obviously be who puts the land and people before their own selfish ambitions that wins the game and the throne. The obvious choice would be the Dragon Queen's faction but it could be that the Lanesters more statist mentality turns out to be what the people decide is needed to protect the world from the dark winter and undead descending upon it.