Love Island 2017: The Best Bits

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The Best Bits of Love Island 2017
Love Island is possibly THE most talked about TV show since Big Brother became popular, ever since then everyone who's everyone is up to date with it. This 2017 series has created so many emotions for viewers (and cast), even though it’s only the third year running no can stop talking about it. Since the first moment that Kem and Amber became a thing to watching Jonny’s unimpressed faces as he watched everyone go about their lives in love. Some moments have led us to tears whilst others have had us laughing past ourselves. These are some of the best bits from the third series…

That time at the beginning of the series when Marcel didn’t want anyone to know about his past and that he was in Blazing Squad when he was 16, except he went around telling everyone he could find. No one even cared Marcel, why did you insist on telling everyone? Did he even notice how unimpressed, shall we discuss his emotional speech to Gabby or was that too much? I must admit I did nearly cry.

Can we talk about Jonny's face when Theo and Tyla did the dirty dancing lift in the pool, please? I don't think I've ever found something so relatable in my entire life. Was it even disgust? Just the look on his face made me laugh aloud. Come on Jonny, don't you like a bit of love in the air? I do get him though, sometimes couples can be too in-your-face. Dirty Dancing was one of the best films around in the 80’s and still is one to this day but I don’t like Jonny was much of a fan of Theo and Tyla’s version.

I’m sure we all gave a little sigh of relief when Kem and Amber finally became our much loved Kember, it's not easy to get the British public to love you as much as they loved this couple but they're on screen romance definitely won all of our hearts which essentially led them to win the show with flying colours! Kember, you're both perfect for each other. Thank you, both for gracing yourselves on our televisions.

No one could forget when Camila sprayed her crotch with perfume right before her secret date with Jamie surely? Turns out none of the British public did either as she and Jamie didn't win the show, and ended up going home with nothing but each other. I hope they were happy together otherwise they've ended the show with no money or love! Camilla, the perfume spraying might have seemed like a good idea but we all know that it doesn't cover up your fake love for Jamie…

I know the ladies favourite part of the show was definitely when all the guys went totally Full Monty for the British audience, it was a beautiful scene and it gets me very excited for next year’s series. Is it 2018 yet? I miss Love Island already!