Bruce Forsyth Dies Peacefully at Home Aged 89.

Bruce Forsyth Dies Aged 89 Image
Bruce Forsyth Dies Aged 89 Dies Peacefully at home at the Age of 89


Britain's most well-known and experienced TV entertainer, Bruce Forsyth, dies at home 89 following previous ill health from a chest infection. His family friends and fans pay tribute to him online.

Bruce Forsyth has been one of the most recognisable faces as a presenter on UK TV for 3 generations. Whether you were watching him in the 50s or since the millennium you will know him as one of the most lively and funny personalities in broadcasting.

Known for his smart dressing, dancing and snappy one-liners such as the iconic, "Nice to see you, to see you nice!". He will be remembered as much for his catch-phrases as he will be for being the star of British programming for several decades. 

His first big TV show was Saturday Night at the Palladium and he just got more and more successful and wealthier right up to recent times when he was the frontman of Strictly Come Dancing. His unique brand of charisma and laughter on our screens will be sorely missed by all real British TV fans.


Social Media Reacts to the Death of Bruce Forsyth.

People close to him and from all over the world are taking to social media to express their gratitude and condolences.


Ant and Deck, 2 of his closest friends and colleagues remember the good times with him.



Fans from Twitter sharing a classic episode of The Price is Right. The Show that rocketed him mega-stardom.

Bruce never stopped working it seemed. People remembering his work effect.

Alf Garnet's account. Bruce was also a sports lover.

And of course, we can always trust the BBC to make a great remembrance video.


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