Naked Attraction: Is It the WORST dating show ever?

Since airing in 2016 on Channel 4, Naked Attraction has rapidly become one of the most popular shows on TV. Perhaps it’s the controversy of everyone on the show getting naked at some point. (except the presenter!) or maybe it’s just how unique the setup is. If you weren’t aware it is a reality dating show that is presented by Anna Richardson. The basic principle of the show is for a fully-clothed person to choose between six naked people who bodies and faces are revealed in parts. The person must whittle the six down to two then get undressed themselves and choose one of the others. The two then go on a date the following day. During the filming of the show, it can take up to 12 hours to complete it so everyone on the show must go around with another person.

The show inspiration came from the US version of a similar name that got discontinued. The difference is though being that we actually show the naked bodies on TV whilst the American blurred out the ‘naughty’ bits. What it comes down to really is the question of, are Brits obsessed with dating and crazy reality TV shows that show naked bodies? From Love Island to Big Brother and now this? There’s becoming a regular popularity of shows that showcase nudity and sex. 1.4 million viewers tuned into the start of the new series that aired in June this year which is better than Big Brother which only managed to get 1.2 million. Topping them all is Love Island’s first show this year which came in at 1.8 million viewers which is around 3% of the UK tuning in to see it.

You may be disgusted by those naked figures but the fact of the matter is, these types of shows bring viewers and that’s essentially money for the company who make it and the channel that air it.

Is Naked Attraction the WORST TV reality dating show ever? Well, the statistics show that it’s probably one of the most popular but when you research it on the internet there is nothing but bad reviews. However, if look more closely at other shows like the soaps and Sherlock it doesn’t even come close to their views. East Enders get a regular 5.2 million most nights whilst DIY SOS wins the 9 pm slot with 4.4 million. From a viewing point of view, there is a lot more interesting plots behind the shows that get more viewers but it’s still shocking the number of people that view it. Why do people still watch the show after two series where it’s the same layout every show? Doesn’t it get boring? Well as a personal viewer of Naked Attraction I can tell you, it’s not all knobbly and wobbly bits…

Despite the debut episode of the show showing an average of five penises and two vaginas a minute, it’s not classed as exploitative nudity (despite the complaints) which practically means anything can be shown on TV now. Is this just a media stunt or do they really want to entice viewers with naked bodies? Do other shows compare to this utterly ridiculous show or is it really one of a kind? The fact that it’s already on its second series in under a year just shows its popularity.

Do you watch Naked Attraction or shows like it? Let us know what you think of the whole ‘naked’ ordeal. Is it your cup of tea or does it make you spit it out? Are movie romances more of your thing or are you glad that our modern society is turning more towards being body confident naked? Personally, I think it’s a rather controversial ordeal…