First Impressions of The Apprentice 2017

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First Impressions of The Apprentice 2017

BBC The Apprentice 2017

First Impressions of The Apprentice 2017


This year the fiery contestants on Lord Sugar’s TV show The Apprentice are competing for a £250,000 investment from the millionaire himself. He’s obviously expecting them to turn his money into a lot more in the long term but the initial money is a lot. It is evident from the previous years that not all the candidates have made back how much Lord Sugar requires but the contestants this year are coming back with the biggest bang ever. After the first episode aired at the start of this month, we’ve now had some time to reflect on this year’s show and everything that has already started happening. In case you’re not updated yet, one contestant has already been fired. That’s Danny Grant, a 32-year-old online retail store owner from Kent. Although he claimed that he was honest and straight forward, also stating that he can get on people’s nerves as “the truth is hard to hear” well, the truth is Danny, you’ve already been fired.

The other contestants look very passionate and promising though. They include; Joanna Jarjue, aged 23 who is a digital marketing manager from Manchester. Elliot Van Emden, aged 31 who is a legal firm owner who lives in London. Siobhan Smith, a 34-year-old wedding company owner who is also from London and 14 others. The new candidates are never safe though, and Lord Sugar made sure that no one was under the wrong illusion. The programme runs for around 12 weeks and the show starts with 18 candidates, that’s more than one person getting the dreaded ‘you’re fired’ line every week. We might be graced with a double whammy one week or even a triple one if Lord Sugar is prepared to go back to his strict and stern ways of business. We definitely expect nothing less than the best from this year’s show, especially with a potential of the contestants, Karren Brady and Claude Littner working for the boss of course Lord Sugar, and then The Apprentice legend himself, Lord Alan Sugar.

Make sure you’ve got your eyes peeled for the shows every week as they will be airing at 9pm on Wednesdays on BBC one, they will be put onto the catch-up iPlayer later on in case you aren’t up to date (if so, sorry about the spoiler earlier!). The show's spin-off ‘The Apprentice: You’re Fired’ also airs on BBC Two at 10pm on the same day if you just find yourself wanting more. If you’re unfortunate enough to not live in the UK or you’re away on holiday and can’t stand being away from your favourite programme (because who doesn’t LOVE The Apprentice?) then you can always use our trusty site to watch your programmes including this!

What are your thoughts on this year’s show? Have you already got a few in mind who you think will go far with Lord Sugar or are you unsure? We love knowing what you think so share, comment and debate what you think this year will bring!

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