3 tips for Watching UK Television Abroad with Slow Internet

Live channels or your favourite programmes buffering and unwatchably slow?

Here are 3 quick tips to fix that for you.

3 tips for watching UK television abroad with slow internetOne of the most challenging problems with streaming UK television aboard is that a lot of time if your connection isn’t very strong, your internet can be slow. This leads to not only frustration but a lot of waiting around and buffering. Sometimes you can change providers as much as you like but it won’t make a difference. If you’re living somewhere in the rural areas of Spain, though it’s extremely beautiful, your internet connection isn’t going to be like it would if you lived in central London. There are a few different ways you can improve your TV watching experience even with your slow internet, after all, you want it to be enjoyable and it won’t be if you have to keep waiting whilst your computer or laptop buffers the show.

Reduce the resolution.

An easy solution that you may not even have thought of is going onto the settings of the TV stream and reducing the resolution. You won’t have to reduce it so it looks blurry and pixelated, just do it so you can still watch the programme happily but it isn’t in ultra HD. By reducing the resolution of the stream, you will reduce the likelihood of playback problems. 480p is normally a good streaming quality for slower internet connections as it only reduces the crispness rather than low the quality too much. You can typically find the resolution options in the settings tab. This works because your internet won't need to transfer so much data to make the video play.
Pause before starting

Buffering is a process in which your internet gathers the information needed to store the video locally rather than on the connection. If you pause the video or TV show before you go ahead and watch it your videos buffering process will grow longer and longer depending on the amount of time you leave it. Before watching, pause the TV player for around 10 minutes, go and get yourself some snacks and drinks, then come back, get comfortable and start your favourite show without the problems you had before. The longer you leave it to buffer, the better the videos quality will be. If you’re willing to wait an hour or so then you’ll be able to watch your show in HD without the errors you’ve had before.

Get close to your signal (router).

So many people think that this is a myth, but it’s actually proven that sitting closer to your internet signal (the WiFi router) will improve the quality of the connection as the signal hasn’t got as long to travel as it would if you were sat upstairs. If it’s possible and you’re dedicated enough, your best bet is placing the router on the floor next to were you’re sitting whilst watching the show. It might sound stupid but if you get a better experience watching TV aboard then why wouldn’t you do it? Taking small, simple steps to getting a better connection watching British TV aboard might make it seem like you’re actually here. You shouldn’t have to have a bad experience.

Bonus tip: Get a VPN.

Getting a VPN to watch UK TV abroad can help speed up your otherwise slow net as it encrypts your data, which also keeps you safe from nefarious people trying to read the data you send to and from the internet so this is an essential additional tip.