Check out this cute video somebody made to advertise our site for us. It mentions the sites we have live streams from like Atdhe, Fed2all, Etc. We adopted a lot of the content from the Addthelive network of live sport streaming websites.

Unlike adthe24 and feed2all, etc we do not have those kind of adverts that stop you watching until you click close on an ad. We just let people use our channels and VOD athletics for free.

There are tons of places where you can watch what you want but you have to pay for them by wasting your time. You don't have to do that in our community

All you have to do is select the page you need and check out the best football and basketball from the world. We now even have tennis and hockey. Not to mention baseball and Formula 1.

Where do we get our TV data from? Well, we have legal partners that provide them to us. Like the BBC, Fox news, Russia Today. Even the Olympic federation and the Premier leagues.

We used to be a sports online website but now we focus on Live UK TV anywhere online. We have tons of expats from all over the world that love Brit TV and need to watch it abroad on holiday or while they are away from the UK working on projects.

Also our members tend to be older but we are also attracting a younger generation of entertainment fans and not just retired people. The younger people like things like watching the latest Chelsea game or the hot gossips on how much players are earning and who is dating who. Basically all sporting news.

People enjoy our betting tips and odds so they watch what we have live on the mobile phones or laptops whilst they views this site on their big TV.

The place to be at the weekend is with us and the 3pm Soccer matches. Or the Boxing and Cricket. There is so much to choose from. Including even rounders and rowing. Or darts and snooker. For those who like pub games.

Soon we want to have fixtures and results for every team and player around the world. So people can get the most recent results from the athletic world of martial arts.

So, when you think of pastime, think UK Sports channels on WatchBritishTV. The home of fields of swimming.