How to get a Free UK VPN

Learn how to get a Free UK VPN with this simple and easy to follow guide.

We have all been there, abroad that is! Abroad without UK TV access to be precise. You was looking forward to your holiday abroad. Catching up with a bit of Coronation Street or Apprentice, whilst soaking in some sun rays. Only to get to your holiday destination to find that your beloved TV programme streams have been blocked because of your location.

How to Get a Free UK VPN Address

Fortunately getting a UK VPN address is simple with this how to guide. Also, FREE! No more messages on your screen about location blocking because of your chosen holiday destination just happens to be on a list on some database. You can easily circumvent regions restrictions with the simple steps on this page.

To get the TV you adore via a UK IP Address siple follow the steps below:

1. Get a VPN from the URL this page links to.
2. Choose the UK as the country you want to connect to.
3. Select a website to watch TV.
4. Enjoy great TV content from the UK with your new free VPN for the UK.

How to get a UK VPN in Australia or Anywhere Else.

There are many providers that offer free downloads and even a few that just list the username and password directly on their site but these are usually oversubscribed and will not give you the fastest connection. A fast connection is important when choosing a proxy VPN as you will most likely want to watch video streaming sites and that takes good bandwidth or you will get horrible buffering.

Also, since you are likely abroad or using a wi-fi hotspot then you will want one that has good encryption. With the product mentioned below, you will get a great connection that is fast and secure so people won't be hacking you or spying on what you are doing.

What websites can your select to watch once you have your Free UK VPN?

There are many sites to choose from. You will most likely be looking for sites where you can get live or catch-up TV to watch BBC and ITV abroad. This country is rich with heritage when it comes to entertainment and has both classic and innovative modern programming that people love the world over.

Some of the best are listed here:

  • BBC iPlayer
  • ITVPlayer
  • 4OD
  • Youtube (GB) content
  • Filmon
  • SkyGo
  • Hulu
  • Many more!

Where to Get a Free UK VPN

You will have noticed that there are many suppliers that say they offer a free UK VPN but usually you have to jump through silly hoops to get one from them. Our recommended software download is completely free for 500Mb data allowance per month and you get even more bandwidth allowance if you share their site by a simple Tweet on Tweeter. Yes, no debit card or Paypal needed at all. The 500Mb allowance is great for lite UK TV watching whilst outside of Great Britain but with a simple Tweet you can extend that. Although lots of people love it so much, especially the bear related themed support portal, that they elect to upgrade to a premium user for the reasonable small fee that this software program offers.