The UK VPN Explanation Video

VPN for the UK?

Did you not that a VPN isn't just for watching TV outside of the UK

You can use it in the UK too for watching TV from other countries and their websites. For example, Hulu and the American version of Netflix.

If is even good for Youtube as a lot of music and videos is blocked for people based on what geographic location that live in. Up to 15% of Youtube is like this but we what we are suggesting for you to use you will open up all that content that you have not been able to see before and much more.


The best UK VPN for iPlayer and other catch-up TV services abroad online. Here we advise you what you need to access anything online anywhere.

Whether you can watch the iPlayer shows on their site will depend on where you live. We include 2 links below. The 1st is if you are not in the British Isles and the 2nd one is for those who are currently in the country.

If you are not in the UK > Learn how to watch UK TV abroad for free
If you are in the country go straight to iPlayer

UK VPN. Why do I need it?

When you are not in the UK, because you live abroad or are away on a working holiday, for example, you will find sites like iPlayer, 40d, even Youtube geo-block their video content so you can not watch it. Don't despair. We will tell you how to work around this with the perfect seamless solution.

How to unblock British TV with a UK VPN.

A UK VPN will unlock all Brit TV by changing your IP address. Your IP is like your postal address but for your computer when it is connected to the internet. The simple software will change your IP easily at the press of a button so you will be able to watch all the videos from home that you love again. <3

How does a UK VPN work?

It works by changing your IP and also encrypting the data connection so that the websites you want to visit either thinks you are in this country it or doesn't know where you are and therefore defaults to just playing for you. A great solution with no fuss.

UK VPN added benefit.

The UK VPN linked to on this page encrypts the data that you send and receive over the internet, as mentioned above. The data is basically encoded in such a way that a human can not read it and, in fact, only the target server that hosts the website you want can know what you are typing, looking at or clicking on.

Why is it important a UK VPN has this security feature?

When one is surfing the net somebody can potentially snoop on the data you are transferring and read it. It is known that criminals sometimes do this as a way to get private information such as credit card details and your home address. This has often occurred mostly when people are outside of the UK in a foreign country abroad and using an internet cafe, a Wifi hotspot or even a hotel. Please remember, you likely don't know everybody that works in these places. Can you trust them with your privacy?

To download it, for more information and special features or to learn more about how it works. Please visit the link below.

The page you will be directed to is on our website and even has quick links to all the video-on-demand places you would get as a Brit. It is such a good page that even they use it every day as a quick reference. 

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