Top 5 UK TV Shows You’ve Got to Watch This Christmas – December 2017


5 UK TV Shows Christmas 2017
Which Christmas shows are your favourite? We talk about some of ours this coming festive season.

Christmas is a time for laughter, fun, and to watch your favourite TV show Christmas special. Let’s face it, would Christmas really be the best time of the year if you couldn’t cuddle up on Christmas day night, have a hot chocolate, and watch the TV. Christmas is all about coming together to share moments you won’t forget. It’s pretty obvious but TV companies know this and make the most of it by bringing out some of the best shows of the year that get everyone talking. From our favourite time-lord regenerating with a new body and face to the hilarious, classic episodes of Gavin and Stacey. Nothing beats Christmas TV, and that’s exactly why we’ve put together some of best TV shows you simply can’t miss this Christmas.

Even if you don’t watch these shows throughout the year, it’s worth relaxing on the best night of the year (for many families!) and flicking on the TV to that beloved channel. Well, because what else would you expect from a British TV but be the best around? It’s why it’s loved everywhere. So, get on your Christmas jumper and strap yourself onto the Christmas train as we discuss a list of TV shows you can’t miss for Christmas in 2017.

Doctor Who

It might be on for most of the year, but the BBC just keep adding more and more twists every year during their Christmas special. From the Darek’s reappearing (like we didn’t know they would anyway!) to the Doctor getting lost in an awkward part of history. This drama is definitely one that will add some mystery, fun and humour to your Christmas Day. It’s such a family-friendly show too, so you don’t need to worry if the kids are around. This year, Doctor Who’s Christmas special sees the departure of the twelfth doctor, Peter Capaldi has been on the show for exactly 4 years and the introduction of the first ever female doctor, Jodie Whittaker. As much as the change will be a big one for the show, it doesn’t make it any less exciting for fans! This episode is set to see the Doctor pairing up with the very first Doctor (now played by David Bradley) to escape the Arctic snowscape. It will air at 5:30 pm on BBC1 on Christmas Day (25th December 2017), and it’s definitely one you can’t miss.

Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife has quite quickly become one of the nation’s favourite TV show with their heart-breaking, dramatic Christmas specials becoming a tradition. It returns again for the fifth year and with even more snow than every other year! Set to tell the story of the ‘Big Freeze’ of 1962/1963, which was one of the coldest winters ever on record for the United Kingdom, the characters must withstand the blizzardy conditions and conquer the coldness despite bringing the beloved London to a complete halt, they must deliver babies left right and centre whilst plans start to be severely disrupted. It’s completely different to last years episode (which was set in South Africa) but this year it will feel even more festive as it’s set with lots of snow. This national treasure is set to air at 7:40 pm on BBC1 on Christmas Day of 2017. You might miss it, but we certainly wouldn’t recommend it.

Gavin and Stacey

Would it even be Christmas if the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special isn’t on our TV’s at least 3 times? The show might not be currently airing new episodes but that doesn’t stop us comedy TV lovers watching this Christmas special every year! If you’ve never seen this, then you’re definitely missing out. It’s Christmas Eve and the Wests are joining the Shipman’s for Mick’s famous turkey dinners, Gavin and Stacey make an announcement that doesn’t exactly fill everyone with joy and a lot of other stuff seems to happen. Although it’s from 2008, the show still airs every year including this year on Christmas Eve (24th December 2017) at 5:00 pm and also on Christmas Day at 7:40 pm, that’s probably just in case you missed it! It’s a hilarious comedy that you surely can’t miss to get everyone in the spirit this festive period.

Snow Bears

If you’ve been an avid watcher of Blue Planet II this year then this documentary is right up your street and you’ve got to be warned, it’ll be cuteness overload. It’s a one-off documentary about baby polar bears and their families, whilst staying pretty light-hearted (it’s family friendly) this show will definitely get everyone in the festive mood, as well as maybe make you want to go and adopt a polar bear immediately! As well as the beloved polar bears, we’ll get to see walruses, arctic foxes and even reindeer on our screen during this Christmas one-off. It’s a must for all animal lovers out there, just to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitats and keep the festivities going on Boxing Day. It airs at 6:30 pm on BBC1 on the 26th December, so how could you miss this? I mean, who wouldn’t want to venture to the North Pole to see these little fluffy white bears?

The Highway Rat

Something a lot more child and family-friendly this Christmas is the animated adventure of a funny, mischievous rat (voiced by David Tennant), a slightly crazy squirrel (voiced by Tom Hollander) and a super girly duck (voiced by Nina Sosanya) as they all want lots of sweeties. It’s a half an hour special that will leave the kids laughing after their delicious Christmas dinner and is sure to tickle the adults a little too. The show is perfect for anyone who loved the ‘Stick Man’ as both shows have the same producer. The show is an adaptation of the popular children’s book by Julia Davidson and airs right before the kid’s bedtime – airing at 4:45 pm on Christmas Day on BBC1. It’s set to be one of the best, family Christmas TV specials on this year so if you’re looking for something to relax too after everyone is stuffed off the turkey, you can always try this!


First Impressions of The Apprentice 2017


First Impressions of The Apprentice 2017

This year the fiery contestants on Lord Sugar’s TV show The Apprentice are competing for a £250,000 investment from the millionaire himself. He’s obviously expecting them to turn his money into a lot more in the long term but the initial money is a lot. It is evident from the previous years that not all the candidates have made back how much Lord Sugar requires but the contestants this year are coming back with the biggest bang ever. After the first episode aired at the start of this month, we’ve now had some time to reflect on this year’s show and everything that has already started happening. In case you’re not updated yet, one contestant has already been fired. That’s Danny Grant, a 32-year-old online retail store owner from Kent. Although he claimed that he was honest and straight forward, also stating that he can get on people’s nerves as “the truth is hard to hear” well, the truth is Danny, you’ve already been fired.

The other contestants look very passionate and promising though. They include; Joanna Jarjue, aged 23 who is a digital marketing manager from Manchester. Elliot Van Emden, aged 31 who is a legal firm owner who lives in London. Siobhan Smith, a 34-year-old wedding company owner who is also from London and 14 others. The new candidates are never safe though, and Lord Sugar made sure that no one was under the wrong illusion. The programme runs for around 12 weeks and the show starts with 18 candidates, that’s more than one person getting the dreaded ‘you’re fired’ line every week. We might be graced with a double whammy one week or even a triple one if Lord Sugar is prepared to go back to his strict and stern ways of business. We definitely expect nothing less than the best from this year’s show, especially with a potential of the contestants, Karren Brady and Claude Littner working for the boss of course Lord Sugar, and then The Apprentice legend himself, Lord Alan Sugar.

Make sure you’ve got your eyes peeled for the shows every week as they will be airing at 9pm on Wednesdays on BBC one, they will be put onto the catch-up iPlayer later on in case you aren’t up to date (if so, sorry about the spoiler earlier!). The show’s spin-off ‘The Apprentice: You’re Fired’ also airs on BBC Two at 10pm on the same day if you just find yourself wanting more. If you’re unfortunate enough to not live in the UK or you’re away on holiday and can’t stand being away from your favourite programme (because who doesn’t LOVE The Apprentice?) then you can always use our trusty site to watch your programmes including this!

What are your thoughts on this year’s show? Have you already got a few in mind who you think will go far with Lord Sugar or are you unsure? We love knowing what you think so share, comment and debate what you think this year will bring!


Naked Attraction: Is It the WORST dating show ever?

Since airing in 2016 on Channel 4, Naked Attraction has rapidly become one of the most popular shows on TV. Perhaps it’s the controversy of everyone on the show getting naked at some point. (except the presenter!) or maybe it’s just how unique the setup is. If you weren’t aware it is a reality dating show that is presented by Anna Richardson. The basic principle of the show is for a fully-clothed person to choose between six naked people who bodies and faces are revealed in parts. The person must whittle the six down to two then get undressed themselves and choose one of the others. The two then go on a date the following day. During the filming of the show, it can take up to 12 hours to complete it so everyone on the show must go around with another person.

The show inspiration came from the US version of a similar name that got discontinued. The difference is though being that we actually show the naked bodies on TV whilst the American blurred out the ‘naughty’ bits. What it comes down to really is the question of, are Brits obsessed with dating and crazy reality TV shows that show naked bodies? From Love Island to Big Brother and now this? There’s becoming a regular popularity of shows that showcase nudity and sex. 1.4 million viewers tuned into the start of the new series that aired in June this year which is better than Big Brother which only managed to get 1.2 million. Topping them all is Love Island’s first show this year which came in at 1.8 million viewers which is around 3% of the UK tuning in to see it.

You may be disgusted by those naked figures but the fact of the matter is, these types of shows bring viewers and that’s essentially money for the company who make it and the channel that air it.

Is Naked Attraction the WORST TV reality dating show ever? Well, the statistics show that it’s probably one of the most popular but when you research it on the internet there is nothing but bad reviews. However, if look more closely at other shows like the soaps and Sherlock it doesn’t even come close to their views. East Enders get a regular 5.2 million most nights whilst DIY SOS wins the 9 pm slot with 4.4 million. From a viewing point of view, there is a lot more interesting plots behind the shows that get more viewers but it’s still shocking the number of people that view it. Why do people still watch the show after two series where it’s the same layout every show? Doesn’t it get boring? Well as a personal viewer of Naked Attraction I can tell you, it’s not all knobbly and wobbly bits…

Despite the debut episode of the show showing an average of five penises and two vaginas a minute, it’s not classed as exploitative nudity (despite the complaints) which practically means anything can be shown on TV now. Is this just a media stunt or do they really want to entice viewers with naked bodies? Do other shows compare to this utterly ridiculous show or is it really one of a kind? The fact that it’s already on its second series in under a year just shows its popularity.

Do you watch Naked Attraction or shows like it? Let us know what you think of the whole ‘naked’ ordeal. Is it your cup of tea or does it make you spit it out? Are movie romances more of your thing or are you glad that our modern society is turning more towards being body confident naked? Personally, I think it’s a rather controversial ordeal…

Love Island 2017: The Best Bits

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Love Island Best Bits 2017 Image
The Best Bits of Love Island 2017

Love Island is possibly THE most talked about TV show since Big Brother became popular, ever since then everyone who’s everyone is up to date with it. This 2017 series has created so many emotions for viewers (and cast), even though it’s only the third year running no can stop talking about it. Since the first moment that Kem and Amber became a thing to watching Jonny’s unimpressed faces as he watched everyone go about their lives in love. Some moments have led us to tears whilst others have had us laughing past ourselves. These are some of the best bits from the third series…

That time at the beginning of the series when Marcel didn’t want anyone to know about his past and that he was in Blazing Squad when he was 16, except he went around telling everyone he could find. No one even cared Marcel, why did you insist on telling everyone? Did he even notice how unimpressed, shall we discuss his emotional speech to Gabby or was that too much? I must admit I did nearly cry.

Can we talk about Jonny’s face when Theo and Tyla did the dirty dancing lift in the pool, please? I don’t think I’ve ever found something so relatable in my entire life. Was it even disgust? Just the look on his face made me laugh aloud. Come on Jonny, don’t you like a bit of love in the air? I do get him though, sometimes couples can be too in-your-face. Dirty Dancing was one of the best films around in the 80’s and still is one to this day but I don’t like Jonny was much of a fan of Theo and Tyla’s version.

I’m sure we all gave a little sigh of relief when Kem and Amber finally became our much loved Kember, it’s not easy to get the British public to love you as much as they loved this couple but they’re on screen romance definitely won all of our hearts which essentially led them to win the show with flying colours! Kember, you’re both perfect for each other. Thank you, both for gracing yourselves on our televisions.

No one could forget when Camila sprayed her crotch with perfume right before her secret date with Jamie surely? Turns out none of the British public did either as she and Jamie didn’t win the show, and ended up going home with nothing but each other. I hope they were happy together otherwise they’ve ended the show with no money or love! Camilla, the perfume spraying might have seemed like a good idea but we all know that it doesn’t cover up your fake love for Jamie…

I know the ladies favourite part of the show was definitely when all the guys went totally Full Monty for the British audience, it was a beautiful scene and it gets me very excited for next year’s series. Is it 2018 yet? I miss Love Island already!



Who’s Who: Celebrity Big Brother 2017

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Celeb Big Brother Contestants 2017
Olivia reviews who the celebs are in Big Brother this year.


Celebrity Big Brother currently on its 13th series (and 20th series of the original Big Brother), aired last night with 15 celebrity house mates entering the house competing to win £50,000 for their chosen charity. Every year this happens but there’s always someone we don’t know or haven’t heard of in the house, that’s where we come in! I’ve got to admit this year, there is still the usual mix of famous and ‘we aren’t entirely sure who you are’ contestants. Here is everything you need to know about the Celebrity Big Brother contestants of 2017.

Sarah Harding
Together with her Girls Aloud counterparts, Sarah Harding was part of one of the biggest girl bands in the history of British music. Since taking a break from her girl gang she’s appeared in shows like Coronation Street and Celebrity MasterChef. It’s going to be an emotional roller-coaster for Sarah being in the house after the reports of her affair with Danny Dyer earlier this year, will the public like her? We’ll soon see.

Shaun Williamson
Best known for his role in EastEnders as Barry, Shaun Williamson is no stranger to the bright lights of stardom. He’s been an actor for over 20 years appearing in different dramas and shows such as Scoop and Inspector Morse. Will his wit be enough to keep him in the competition or will he be outshined by one of the other contestants?

Derek Acorah
Most Haunted’s Derek Acorah was third out onto the Big Brother screen. He describes himself as a spiritual medium but has received a lot of criticism over his legitimacy in the past. After only just getting back from his ‘Whispers from Heaven’ tour, the medium said he was very excited to be a part of the show. Will being on the show expose him as a fake or will we get to see psychic Derek in action? Time will soon tell.

Paul Danan
Who hasn’t heard of Paul? Ever since his first appearance in Hollyoaks back in 1997, he’s practically become a household name. Paul has also appeared in the first series of ITV’s Celebrity Love Island and has previously become a regular panellist for Celebrity Big Brothers Bit on the Side in recent years.

Helen Lederer
Absolute comedy gold, Helen Lederer basically tripped onto the show last night. The actress, writer and comedian turns 63 next month but nothing is stopping her success. She’s also appeared in shows like Loose Women and Countdown. How many times do you think we’ll be keeled over laughing from Helen this series? I’m saying a lot.

Chad Johnson
Mr Bachelorette himself, Chad Johnson came to US fame on the dating show The Bachelorette and then went on to star in the Bachelor of Paradise (and he was kicked off for bad behaviour). I’m excited to see what antics he gets up to in the house, aren’t you?

Sam Thompson
Made in Chelsea fans went absolutely crazy last night when Sam stepped onto the CBB catwalk to go into the house. He’s best known for his somewhat rocky relationship with on-screen/off-screen girlfriend Tiffany Watson in the hit drama Made in Chelsea. The 25-year-old isn’t looking for love in the house but has that ever stopped anyone before?

Sandi Bogle
Goggleboxes very own Sandi joined the rest of the contestants last night as she entered the house in a grey ball gown, is she ready to take on the house? We’ll see.

Karthik Nagesan
One of the lesser known contestants of this year’s show is ‘the human magnet’ (as he describes himself) Karthik Nagesan. His cockiness and arrogance may have allowed him to meet Lord Sugar but will the public like his witty personality?

Marissa Jade
American reality TV star Marissa Jade is about to get the shock of her life entering the house if she thinks it’s anything like her recent tweet of Buckingham Palace. Sadly, there will be no maids here Marissa but nice try yeah? Best known for her role in Mob Wives, the American princess sure isn’t ready for the harsh realities of British culture.

Jordan Davies
The ex-boyfriend of the well-known Towie star Meghan McKenna, the Ex on the Beach star was 11th to enter the new CBB house this year. The reaction from the crowd really said it all about how well he’ll do on this year’s show.

Brandi Glanville
One of Americas most successful models of all time, Brandi Glanville stepped out to a crowd of cheers and waves. Brandi left her home in Beverly Hills to come to the show and left her two children behind too. How long will she last in the CBB house?

Amelia Lily
The voice of the X Factors 8th series, Amelia Lily’s songs have made the UK charts. One coming in at number two. Only 22, the singer wants to show the UK what she’s really about and enjoy her time in the house before returning back to theatre later this year.

Trisha Paytas
YouTube vlogger, Trisha Paytas arrived in the UK later last week ready for the show. Her YouTube videos have allowed her the success she has today and her 2.5 million following might just have to step their game up and keep her on the show this series. Who knows how long she’ll last sharing a shower with 14 other housemates!

Jemma Lucy
Another gorgeous model graced our screens towards the end of the show and this time it was reality star and model, Jemma Lucy who has previously appeared on Ex on the Beach and more recently took part in Katie Price’s show, Signed by Katie Price.

What do you think of this year’s line up? Are you impressed or is this just another year you won’t be watching? I’m going to make sure I’m up to date with all the latest house-antics as I think this series might be a little fiery…