Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions frequently asked by visitors to our website to help you know that we are right for you.

If you have questions not answered here, or even want to say hi, then you can on our support page or via our forum once you have joined.

Will I be able to get BRITISH TV Online?
We have never failed to help people with their TV challenges. We even have TV from other English speaking countries such as America and Canada!
Which countries can I watch TV from?
Our live TV streamed channels and catch up TV programs are not geo-blocked like some websites. So, yes you can watch it from any country you wish to.
Will it work on my Device?
We love watching TV ourselves. Especially, whilst travelling. So, it was always going to be important for us to make sure our service works on as many devices as possible. Whether it be desktop, smart phone or tablet. Although, there may be some devices we don't have a solution for yet. We are working on these. For example, Smart TV. We are working on a solution for that.
Is WATCH BRITISH TV expensive?
Actually, the main channels and programs that most people could want to watch are free. We only charge a premium for content you can't get for free in the UK anyway.
Why should I use this instead of...?
You have seen on Google these websites that make you jump through a million hoops before you can get UK TV from home. We are passionate about TV and customer service. We also take pride in what we do so we will always make sure that if there is TV being watched somewhere then you will have it too.
What channels and programs do you have?
With dozens of TV channels live for you to watch from the UK and Catch up, we have all the TV you could ever watch.
Do you have "catch up TV"?
You will get the same content any Brit would plus more that Brits can only get from us.
How quick to you get TV programs after they finish?
Our catch up recorded shows only take a few hours to upload for you.
Do you have blocking adverts over your TV streams?
No. Some sites do this. Especially poor quality sports sites but we allow you to watch TV straight away with no fuss.
Do you accept Paypal?
We realise Paypal is the best portal to pay for online services so we made sure that we implemented it for our customers. We also have other payment methods like Bitcoin, if you ask.
Can I cancel my subscription in the future if I have to?
Of course but everybody usually stays with us.
Does it take long to set up?
No, just click to play the streams.
How many devices can I have at one time?
As many as you want for the free basic British TV streams. For certain optional premium services you may be asked to make one account for each device you need to use it on.
If I have a problem should I tell you or my friends?
If you are happy then tell your friends, if you need help with any TV related challenge then tell us!

Whatever questions you have we are here to help. Whether it is about British/UK or other English speaking TV content in general or the best ways to get the most of this site and helping you using it to watch what you want. We are here to assist.

We love helping people with challenges online and are very passionate about it. No other TV site offers the level of supports we do with any questions you may have. Whether it is simply as watching our live channel streams or something more complicated like how to set up a new Android box or Firestick to turn your TV into a smart one. Once you have SmartTV features you will open up a new world of entertainment previously denied to you and we would actually be grateful that you allow us to be the people you want to do that with you.

There are many ways to contact us. Including our support widget, email messaging, social networking and our own forums. We are more than happy to chat with you by any medium that suits you best.

The best questions, if you allow it, may even be posted here to help your fellow TV lovers in our home country or abroad.