FilmOn live TV outside of the UK abroad.

FilmOn is a great website for British TV. Learn how you can watch it in any country outside of the UK abroad.

UPDATE: There is now a free level! Read below.

We all love British TV but did you know it is not only the UK that has Brits living there? Well, of course, you did. 

Most countries around the world have many Brits living there and so we created this site to help those people get the TV shows and characters again they miss from home.

The FilmOn website has many of the most popular channels that expats are bound to miss when they are abroad. They also have their own recorded shows for people to catch-up on if you can not be online to watch during prime-time. 

Unfortunately, FilmOn geo blocks their channels abroad so the only way to watch them is with a VPN.

A VPN allows you to legally change your IP address with a simple app. As well as giving you access to watch FilmOn abroad, it will also allow you to watch live TV through the official BBC sites. Plus, it will give you access to the official catch-up sites like iPlayer, ETC. 

As a bonus, you also get a more secure connection to the internet. This is especially essential if you are using foreign hotels and internet cafes. As they have been known to snoop on the data you send and receive from the internet whilst you are on their premises. 

With this solution. You get the best legal and secure way to get what you want whilst avoiding large bills. 

There is a free lite level and an unlimited premium level for a small but affordable cost. I guess you either love to watch British TV or you don't!

There is two simple steps to make this work. 

Follow these 2 simple steps below to get FilmOn UK live TV streams abroad.

1) Get the VPN we recommend. 

With this link, you will get the best price they currently offer. As well as a money back guarantee. You see, there is no risk with this VPN and it should be considered essential for anybody not in the UK. Whether they want to watch TV or not.

Get UK catch-up TV

Get the free tier or upgrade for unlimited. If you upgrade to get the yearly plan for the best value.

2)  Get a FilmOn account.
Once you have the VPN you should create a FilmOn subscription. Or use one you already have. 

(Only once you have downloaded and activated the VPN above)


There is now a free alternative. Filmon is great for serious TV lovers but this alternative may be enough for what you want.
You will still need the VPN above but you can watch live TV for free through this link without having to pay Filmon. However you will still need the VPN app from this page to access this site.

TVplayer (free live Tv)


Support Links

For troubleshooting the VPN go to this page.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us here on our support page.

If you want to find out even more about how a VPN works you can check out our page here.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the TV!

PS: Don't forget to get your VPN from this page! - YOU WILL LOVE IT.