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    My name is Gary Cook. I am the founder of WatchBritishTV.com. This website.

    I am in my 30’s. I have a daughter of 10 years old. Obviously, she is my life, aside from this website. We live in a modest home in London. It is expensive in London of course but it is one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

    This project started some 5 years ago when a friend and I were struggling to find any UK TV abroad. We made TV blogs initially to help a few friends and family but it became so popular we had to make a website for the concept of getting British TV abroad.

    Since then we have got hundreds of members and we have started to help people not just with TV but also advice about how to relocate abroad and even what places are the best to visit and eat. Even the best local business services to use to solve any challenges you may have in your new home.

    I like to travel myself. I have been to America, Canada, Portugal, and around most of the British Isles.

    Well, that is enough about me! Why don’t you tell us about yourself?

    Looking forward to welcoming you to our new community forums and getting to know you and what we can help you with.

    -Gary Cook.

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    My Name is Farrell. I am a American that just came back after living in the Uk for 15 years, I got hooked on a few Uk shows and have downloaded a few of them to watch here. Watch british tv has made it easier to watch the shows live. The last 3 days the channel has not worked, hope there is not a problem with it.

    Farrell Smith

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    Hi, Farell.

    Thanks for the introduction. Nice to meet you. =)

    I hear this quite a lot. A browser works and then it doesn’t. Sometimes it is just that browsers have a mind of their own or sometimes it’s because people have installed plugins like NO SCRIPT or AD BLOCKER.

    Could you try a different browser, please? Chrome for example. If that is not the one you are already using.

    Another one I find that works well is the new Edge Browser that comes with Windows 10. Although the older versions of it are Internet Explorer and that has been a less than a great browser for awhile now.

    Although, I have had a few people mention this most seem fine. I think Opera is another one that won’t work. As they have disabled Flash. The streams are Flash based.

    Eventually, we will have new streams and more channels but I need more people to donate first. Working on a platform for that.

    Kind regards,
    -Gary Cook.

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    My name is Keith. I’m an American and have never been to the UK but for some reason find all things British to be fascinating. I really enjoy watching British tv shows, most of which are entirely new to me. Dads Army is a particular favorite of mine. I very much appreciate your work in running this site. I first came here to see a new documentary about the rolling stones recent South American tour and it has since become one of my favorite sites.

    Keep up the good work, Gary

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    Hi Gary (and everyone else),

    My name is Leigh Ann. I’m an American and, like Keith, I have never been to the UK but have always been an Anglophile, preferring all things British. (I was not surprised to find that when I took the Ancestry DNA test that my DNA is 71% British and 14% Irish). I fell in love with British television when I came across Are You Being Served? reruns on PBS several years ago. WatchBritishTV has been the best site ever. Thank you so much for this site.

    Have a nice evening.

  • cbeq
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    Hi Gary & Everyone,

    My name is Chrissy and i am a stay at home mother and carer to my 9-year-old autistic son who is my life. I have always been something of a Anglophile (I also remember the AYBS? episodes being shown on American TV along with Red Dwarf, The Young Ones and Keeping Up Appearances) and for the past few years have begun watching British television, first through a program which has recently been sent to the app graveyard as well as through VPN’s, network websites and a prayer (Rural internet sucks and can be so slow).

    I am very happy to have found this site and i look forward to exploring and enjoying my favorite shows. I have never been to the UK but have always wanted to move there and it is a dream of mine to visit someday. Anyways i hope to get to know some of you and thank you Gary for creating this wonderful site.

  • IvyJae
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    Hi I’m Ivy I grew up in Europe loved watching British tv shows! I need help connecting

    • WatchBritishTV
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      I was busy trying to improve the site so nobody had any issues. Is everything OK for you now?

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