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We help people to get UK TV abroad legally.
Using our official access to Filmnon API in Conjunction with a VPN.

This is the only legal way to access UK TV abroad.
All other streaming sites are illegal and no other VPN method works abroad.

Feel free to try you VPN with any other legal streaming website, it wont work anymore.
We are affiliates for all VPNs ourselves but they don't work without our system.

What is free here?
We have recorded shows under an hour for free, which is most shows from the UK.
People prefer them to live TV anyway as its not UK primetime when most people abroad are online.

What costs money?
Live UK TV will cost about £20 a month
This is the only sustainable legal way to watch live TV.
We have permission to stream these channels via Filmon. No other company other than Filmon has rights to live UK TV.
Other than sites like iPlayer but you can't access British TV abroad on there now.

Catch up recorded shows over an hour.
We have an option to upgrade to shows over an hour. As part of the premium package that contains the live TV.

We have been in this business for 20+ years and have also guides on more advanced methods such as using iPlayer on your own server.
Again the only way to do this is what we recommend. VPNS won't work with iPlayer catch up otherwise.

Why did we write this?
We are not going to be silly and dishonest by pretending we are some big company. We are a small passionate family company with years of experience. We believe in full transparency. We are not doing this for money. We all have other businesses that do well enough. We are simply helping expats like yourself to get TV you love abroad by helping you cut the learning curve by doing it with you as a website and community.

How do you join then?
Joining is simple, fast and free. To get all of the free benefits above.
[JOIN LINK COMING SOON. We are rebulding as fast as we can]

*During the join process you will automatically be created a Filmon account in the background on our server.
You can still use your old one with them, if you have one, but doing this allows us more control and a better interface with more content.

Any premium options are facilitated through Filmmon and reputable legal 3rd party API's via our system.

Don't risk your job by watching illegal TV sites online
Use our fully legal system!