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Whatever your device. iPod, Android, PC and tablets. You will be able to access all the best English speaking TV.
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We even have a 7 day back and forward TV guide. Soon we will even have recorded shows again so you won’t miss any of your favourite characters or news even if you can’t be here during primetime.

Wherever in the world, you are you can view live TV from the UK here. All the best actors and characters from the programmes you miss from home.

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History of British TV

British TV has been around for nearly a century, and since it began there have been many changes. From black and white TVs to the HD, 3D TV that we have come to know and love today. Britain has always been able to produce quality TV shows, that’s the beauty of living in such a wonderful country. We spend our days watching TV. We laugh and giggle to ourselves at shows like Goggle-box. Then we cry and weep at the TV shows documenting crimes in our history such as Little Boy Blue. Watching British TV is a part of who we are, it makes us the people we become and when it’s not available it becomes a disaster.

When British TV became popular it was only available in the UK. More recently though, as Britons have started to travel to other far-off countries we have wanted British TV to follow us. After all, there’s nothing better to do on a weekday night than having a nice cuppa tea with your feet up watching Coronation street. Why wouldn’t you want to do this in a different country? Our beloved soap operas hold big homes within our hearts and without them what do we do? WatchBritishTV is about bringing the great British shows to you, wherever you are in the world.

Why is UK Television the best?

Everything about UK TV never stops amazing us. It has been internationally recognised as one of the great British traits which also matches our long-held reputation in popular music. The only industry that can possibly compare is the American TV industry. Our shows range from anything like documentaries on killers to a series on the Royal Family. The kid’s TV shows are also something no one wants to miss. The biggest independent TV producer of unscripted shows as of 2012 is ITV. In 2013, ITV reported pre-tax profits of £435 million. This was an increase of 20 per cent from the past year.

Another huge supplier of British TV is the BBC. Although they are worldwide and have faced financial difficulties in the past, they remain an integral part of supplying British TV to the public. Why do Britons like their TV so much though? Perhaps it’s the experience of amercing themselves into unknown realities of shows like Game of Thrones or mysterious worlds like Sherlock. British TV is about living in a new world and totally involving yourself in it. The BBC premiered a series of Sherlock in China on a website, inside of the 24 hours of being live it had 5 million views. A few days later that figure had risen to a huge 72 million. British TV is the best because there is so much feeling, and passion in the shows that we make. No one can help but carry on watching.

Benefits to watching live TV online free

Many sites offer to watch live TV online for a monthly service fee, but as a British person living abroad, you want this service free. Just like you would if you were living in your home country. Some sites make you pay over £20 to £30 a month just to have the privilege. Benefits of watching live TV online for free is that you have the world of television right at your feet wherever you are in the world. From the waterfalls of Niagara to the deserts of Egypt. If you can find a solid internet connection, the possibilities with watching TV online for free are endless.

What exactly is ‘free’? Well, you don’t have to sign up to anything you don’t want too. You also don’t have to pay unnecessary fees and, why should you? Being ‘free’ is all about not having to put your card or payment details into any site if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. Even if you do, it’s your British right to be able to access whatever TV shows you want. The benefits to watching are also the fact that you can watch it whilst it’s live too. The amount of TV shows available online are endless but there are only a limited number of places that offer it live, especially outside of the UK. Those Facebook and Twitter spoilers from your favourite shows won’t bother you anymore as you can watch the shows when they’re on for everyone else too. There is no need to block or spam the posts about East Enders or Coronation Street anymore. Just watch British TV online for absolutely free.

Which live channels are the most popular on the internet?

Whether you love the soaps or don’t it’s evident that ITV and the BBC are the biggest TV channels in the UK. They both broadcast over 30 TV shows and run 24 hours on the TV. If it’s 2 am in the morning of 3 pm in the afternoon, you can always count on British TV being there to show you some quality content. America’s TV industry is similar as they put a lot of time and effort into their shows, but nothing compares to our British TV. Other popular channels include Channel 4 and Channel 5, ITV2, and CBBC.

How can you watch British TV online for free?

Simply go to our website, and click ‘watch UK TV abroad now’. You will need to activate the VPN to watch the shows then you’re ready to go. Need iPlayer or just to watch live TV? You’re sorted. Watching British TV online for free has never been easier than it is right now. Never miss your favourite shows again. After all, why should you?