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Kenny Rogers: Examining the life and career of the artist who 'knows when to hold 'em and knows when to fold 'em', this documentary chronicles Kenny Rogers's rise to the top of his game and the golden era of country music he ushered in. With an exclusive, candid interview from Rogers himself and performance footage from on his Through the Years tour, the film provides a backstage pass to a 50-year career of performing and recording. Associates and luminaries including Kim Carnes, Mickey Jones and Lionel Richie provide insight into how the poor, music-obsessed boy from Houston went on to become a superstar with over 120 million albums sold. Away from music, the film reveals how Kenny's drive and ambition - what he describes as his 'impulsive-obsessive' nature - led to success in other fields, including photography. With a career spanning everything from jazz to folk, 60s psychedelia to R&B, perhaps his real legacy lies in the fact that he introduced a trailblazing pop sensibility to country music.


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