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How to watch Live Five TV Online Abroad.

Channel 5 is a relatively newcomer to the British terrestrial  TV line-up. Currently, it is the home of Celeb Big Brother. Although, not at its peak, the show is still a firm favourite amongst Brits home or away. Pun intended.

The Chan 5 station itself was launched in 1997, more than a couple of decades after the first UK channels. It was a breath of fresh air and more like USA entertainment than its BBC friends. It has had more than one American chief exec and is now owned by Viacom, who bought it for 450m.

Other popular shows for this channel have been The Walking Dead,  The Hotel InspectorThe BachelorThe Mentalist,  The Gadget Show, Europa League and The Wright Stuff.

At 4% audience share the channel is not the biggest one people are watching most in the UK but it can be when things like Big Brother and CSI are being aired. Then the live TV channel can certainly be more viewed than ITV. Quite a feat for a network just a fraction of its age.