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How to watch live ITVbe abroad on the internet.

ITVBe live streaming is a revolutionary channel that has encouraged many people to start watching the box again. It only requires a stable internet connection and a device to watch the shows. ITVBe is the latest TV service based on the live streaming platform. It capitalizes on the need for people to watch television anytime, anywhere. It has the convenience of getting content right where you are.

ITVBe live is created to serve the customers across the world who are interested in watching British TV. People can access the site without any cost. The best part of this service is that it has hundreds of live streaming channels available that might not be included in your cable TV.


Most Popular Shows on the ITVBe Channel.

This channel has some of the most popular British TV shows in the world.
Including these in the list below:

  • Dress to Impress - Mondays - 7pm
  • Ferne McCann: First Time Mum - Mondays - 11pm
  • Only Way Is Essex - Tuesdays - 9am
  • Dinner Date - Tuesdays - 8pm
  • Jeremy Kyle Show - Wednesdays - 3.40pm
  • Take Me Out - Wednesdays - 5.50pm
  • Real Housewives Of Cheshire - Thursdays - 9pm
  • Bridezillas - Thursdays - 11pm
  • Teleshopping - Fridays - 12.55am
  • Atlanta Plastic - Fridays - 9pm
  • Millionaire Matchmaker - Saturdays - 9am
  • Agatha Christie's Poiret - Saturdays 4.20pm
  • Real housewives Of New York City - Sundays - 2.05pm
  • Bachelorette - sundays - 6pm

Why watch ITVBe live?

This website provides an engaging and immersive experience to the users. It has collaborated with various British TV channels to broadcast their programmes. This channel has showcased several football matches, engaging dramas, reality shows and enlightening current affairs programmes. So, that people can enjoy it by sit there, relax and watch it anywhere across the world. ITVBe knows the pulse of the viewers and has mastered the art of live streaming entertainment. Apart from this, the convenience of watching your favorite content right from your mobile phone is a fantastic experience. The ITVBe team have given their all to produce a streaming service which requires less buffering and more content.

Viewers get a lot of choices with this service.
It provides HD quality video service for sports and other TV programs.
The bandwidth is optimum for high-speed downloads.
You don’t have to worry about missing your important show with this streaming service as we have 30 day catch up recorded show on-demand.
An added advantage is that this live streaming service lets you pause and replay important moments such as wickets, catches, etc.

This platform is becoming more popular for providing high-quality streaming content with excellent reliability. It also hosts a catalog of premium video content such as match reviews, sports highlights, etc. ITVBe Live Online is the perfect place to get lost in drama.

Here in this article, we will see the advantages of watching ITVBe live.

Easy setup

This website has been designed keeping in mind the user's expectations so that the best user experience can be provided. There is no setup or contract associated for our live streaming service. You just need to log in with your username and password.

If you are a new user, there are tutorial options available to get you familiarized with the buttons and navigation. Since there are no contracts, you have the flexibility to pick and choose the channels you like. The website has no strings attached policy in which you can cancel your membership whenever you like.

Variety of channels

It has all the exclusive British channels which you might not otherwise be able to get on the resion you live, for free. You can do various things easily including watching your favorite news channels such as BBC news, CNBC news, etc. You don’t have to miss any TV show drama ever.

This website has the most exhaustive list of entertainment channels available that can satisfy your viewing thirst. The console to find shows is interactive and has a friendly user interface. You can watch multiple videos at the same time by opening multiple tabs.

The streaming quality and the buffering speed of this live streaming service is unmatched. You can also watch travel news and food network which are one of the favorite channels in UK region. Not only that, ITVBe Live Online has plans to increase the number of new channels. So when you login you can always surprise yourself.


Live Streaming is a new technology. While millennials are comfortable with it, most others are not familiar with it. Even if they have tried a service, they might have been scared away by slow buffer speeds, unattractive user interface, and unresponsive buttons.

ITVBe Live Online does not have any such issues. It has been designed by keeping the comfort of users in mind at every stage. The graphical user interface of this website is impressive. This website is so simple to use. It can be viewed easily on phones and tablets with relative ease.

You don’t need to be afraid of this service as it gives you the best user experience available. You can browse by genres or by name. It is so easy to find content in ITVBe Live Online website. The service also has advanced TV guide interface that gives information about your favorite shows such as UK news; sports live, etc. as a notification.

No commercials

The most annoying thing with streaming services such as YouTube, etc. is advertising. You might be watching something exciting and then there will be an advertisement, which at times you can't even skip. That can be the turnoff moment for anyone viewing a live streaming service.

Luckily, this website does not have that kind of commercials. All the advertisements on this platform are nonintrusive and placed in such a way that it does not disturb the user experience. ITVBe Live Online has a minimal ads philosophy, and this can be felt in the way the service has been designed around the user.


With more and more cyber attacks or hacks, there is no safe place on the internet. Luckily, this website has taken cybersecurity to the next level. This service comes with the highest level of encryption technology. So you can be safe from cyber attacks. Not the HTTPS in the browser URL? That is just one way we protect you.

ITVBe Live Online has specialised malware detection technology in its platform that prevents attacks. You can feel safe while using live streaming services from this platform. Even when you are abroad and using public Wi-Fi, you can remain safe with this website.


Watching TV shows is a social activity. That is what you like to do with your friends when they come home. But when you are at separate places, you don’t get the fulfillment that you get when you watch together. This live streaming service has understood that. That is why there is a unique chat feature on this platform.

While watching your favorite show, you can use Skype community chat with your friends. You can discuss highlights, talk about player strategies and much more while using this service. This is an excellent innovation in ITVBe Live Online as you can both watch and talk at the same time.


With so many channels and TV shows available on the platform, one can easily get lost. You may like to spend time exploring the different content available, or you would want to dive into the content that you want. The platform has a fantastic review system that enables viewers to leave their comments and feedback about the show. It can be of great help to the new viewers who come to the platform. They can quickly decide whether they want to view that particular show or not. News related to the TV shows are also available. Hence, viewers who are watching a TV show for the first time can get to know more about the show before they even start.

Video on demand services

This platform also has a collection of podcast services from various top British podcasters. The content has an enriching set of podcasts on numerous topics including news, movies, songs. If you want to have full-time entertainment this platform is the one for you. These video on demand programs add a new color to the traditional viewing. The programs are exciting and have high positive reviews.


ITVBe Live Online platform has excellent support staff that is available to resolve your queries. They are just a chat away. Their team can quickly solve any queries such as login issues, buffering issues, browser compatibility issues. This is a great benefit compared to other live streaming services. It sucks when there is no one to help you out when you are stuck with a crashing browser or poor quality viewing experience.

Earning option

ITVBe Live Online also comes with affiliate marketing programs. You can even get money by referring this website to your friends and partners. There is training available to make you an official affiliate marketer. It is an excellent option as you get to both watch your content and earn money. You have the chance to network with the professionals who run the platform to understand how to use this service in a better way. No other website offers this kind of twin benefits.


ITVBe is a revolutionary station broadcast that can be viewed online for free from home and abroad. Our television service is one click away, with ITVBe. You can browse any British Channel or show and see as per your convenience. It is highly customizable service that allows you to enjoy your favorite TV series and shows right from your home. It has an easy to use software that gets installed in minutes.

With dozens of channels and hundreds of recorded shows this website service is a unique thing to watch. You can satisfy all your TV program needs right from your desktop or your mobile. Once you try this website, you will come to know that this has a fantastic experience. Visit ITVBe today for the best live TV service in the industry.