Live UK TV in Spain

A lot of Brits in Spain yearn to view and enjoy live UK TV. Some people have even set up elaborate satellite dishes to access it. We explore the many ways expats now get Live UK TV in Spain.

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What are the most used methods to watch Live UK TV in Spain and which is the best one for you?

Watching television is a luxury that everybody wants to enjoy. Everybody has their favourite channels and programs they would want to keep in touch with regardless of what part of the world they live in or where they are

holidaying. Some people like to watch sports channels and some want to watch Coronation Street and almost all expats love to watch BBC News. However, British television outside of the UK is something that may come difficult to world travellers especially those who wish to watch the live streaming channels from home which are restricted in the country they currently reside in or are travelling to.

How to Watch UK Live TV in Spain

There are several methods that you could use to watch live UK TV even in Spain; the most common of these methods is to use the satellite to install UK TV in your homes.

But nowadays, in this information age the internet is taking everything by storm, there is no telling to which extent the internet will battle with the satellite option for dominance on the European continent or anywhere else.

The Satellite Method

Sky TV and Freesat have good satellite channels which have made the UK TV available in many parts of Spain. Recently, however, changes have been made which have replaced the old Astra 2 satellites with new Astra 2 satellites. This has made the satellite signals in some parts of Spain weak and not as strong as they were in the past making setting UK TV channels via satellite in those areas somewhat difficult.

For some other areas of Spain like Costa Blanca and Valencia, UK Satellite coverage is noticeably very strong and satisfying. Consequently, UK channel availability highly depends upon the size of the dish and the place where you want to set up your TV as the signals vary in different parts of Spain and the ability of the same satellite dish to catch the signals is also very crucial. If you want to receive UK satellite TV in Spain then you need to have a satellite dish aligned with the UK TV Astra 2 group of satellites at 28 degrees east. You would, of course, also need to have a satellite receiver; a Sky Digibox or a Freesat set top box would be acceptable.

Alternatives for Watching Live TV in Spain

If the conventional satellite aligning system does not work for you then there is a satellite alternative called the BBC SatBack which is transmitted from theintelsat907 satellites that are situated at 25.5 degrees west. But using this alternative is illegal as it requires to illegally hack into encrypted satellite feeds employing certain key codes. These codes can be found on the internet.

The Internet Method

If you cannot find satellite coverage in your area and are unwilling to use BBC SatBack satellite, then the most common method employed in this case is using the internet and IPTV or internet streams. FILMON is such a service which uses subscription free IPTV services. This can be found on this website. Subscription based services like MAG250 IPTV boxes can also be used; you can subscribe to MAG250 IPTV services via an agent or direct via their websites.

However, note that if you need to use these services, then a minimum speed of 3 megabytes is essential for you to have. If your internet speed is lower than this then you are sure to suffer slow buffering during playback.

A substitute method of receiving British TV using the internet is by adopting a UK VPN and UK TV Router service to approach the online catch-up services like Sky On Demand, SkyGo and BBC IPlayer.

More on Android Live TV Streaming Boxes

Android boxes can be used for streaming live TV abroad. Think of them like an Android phone. For example, Samsung S8. But instead of having a screen and telephone components they have a TV port. 

Once you have one of these you just connect it to your big screen television. Then you will need to find apps to work on it that have sources that you can view. The most common one of these is Kodi.

However, having an Android box with Kodi installed is no guarantee you will be able to watch what you want. Often you will need several apps with different distribution of sources to create a package that matches the TV you would get if you were back at home. Even then you may be missing lots of channels and shows that you consider essential.

This is cumbersome and tricky. Not at all for the layman and only if you are very technically minded and proficient with computing technology. It is basically a makeshift and makedo option. However, if you are in the Costa Del Sol this could be the difference between watching Eastenders and having to settle for the Spanish equivalent, Eldorado!

Confusion about accessing free UK TV in Spain

Many people have found themselves perplexed when using the free UK television in Spain, even satellite installers in Spain get confused about Freesat and Freeview. The satellite installers sometimes get the terminologies wrong making the British expats on the Costa’s in Spain more and more confused about how to receive the UK TV is Spain.

Coastal areas of southern Spain in the Mediterranean are very warm and most people who have come from the UK have retired themselves there. But a major problem is that they are not able to view BBC1, BBC2 and hundreds of other channels including sports, movies and news that they could have viewed otherwise. They try to watch the Spanish channels which offer some English shows but some feel the quality of the shows is not as good and worthwhile so they get frustrated. Another problem is that most programs are not offered in English.

Freesat is a brand meant for receiving satellite and designed to receive the free to air TV channels of UK television. A Sky digibox can also be used for the purpose of receiving UK television channels. Even if the Sky digibox does not have a viewing card, it can still be used to view the major British channels like BBC and ITV channels. Freesat digiboxes and Sky digiboxes both use the same satellite frequencies so if you cannot receive the channels with Freesat then you will not be able to receive by using Sky digiboxes so there isn’t any need to waste your money on the other. It is also worth mentioning that you don’t need to have a Sky viewing card for Sky digibox to work.

Freeview is a British free digital TV Package that is only available to people living in the UK. Most people do not understand the fact that Freeview only works within the boundaries of UK and cannot work outside of it and this definitely does include Spain. So they end up employing this package and then regret it later.

But a Spain version of Freeview exists which is called the Television Digital Terrestrial –TDT. By using a TDT set top box in Spain you are able to view more than 35 British channels while residing in Spain. It also provides a unique option to change the Spanish dubbing soundtrack on UK and USA imported programs into their original versions.

Although, this is one of the preferable options available, it is still a fiddly process. That is why we invented this site so you can get the ease of use of IPTV to avoid satellite dishes and therefore without having to buy any additional equipment. Yet all the content as if you did have your own dish. All you need is your computer/laptop and a screen.

Free to Air Channels Around Europe

Free to Air channels are those channels which do not have to be subscribed by you. These are the British Channels available for you which are free to air and no viewing card is required for them to Air. As they are literally free to air anybody can broadcast them legally like we do ourselves. This is a great alternative to buying and installing big dishes or messing about with setting up streams from all different sources on an Android box.  We have a selection of all the main channels doing exactly that on this very website!

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