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Pick is a free to air entertainment channel that provides a fusion of general entertainment programs along with drama, documentaries and lifestyle programs. The channel has a great reach among viewers with its fresh breadth of content.  

Launched in 2005 as Sky Three, the channel originally served as a subsidiary channel for Sky One, one of the main entertainment channels of Sky and also for other subscription services of Sky. Sky Three mainly was started to boost the services and also to sell holiday deals and offers for its providers.

But slowly it started to air some programs including the Tru Calling, Relic Hunter, Futurama, Road wars and documentaries like Airline, Brainiac-Science abuse etc. It also featured the popular 35 mm shows which featured news about the latest upcoming films along with the upcoming premium movies to be aired on Sky movies too.

Apart from these programs, Sky Three also aired some of popular shows from Sky one as free-to-air programs including the much acclaimed seasons 3 and 4 from 24 along with many other shows like Hex, 10th Kingdom and Rescue me. The recent remake of Battlestar Galactica was also aired on Sky Three which was largely welcomed by the audience. In 2010, Sky Three also got its viewers' rate increased to a great extent by featuring Prison Break’s season 3 and 4.

Soon the featuring of premium shows from Sky One started decreasing, but the channel is widely regarded for airing repeat shows of the ever-popular show like Airline and Road Wars much to the joy of its audience. Other shows like Coach Trip and It’s Me or the Dog were also shown a number of times to keep the viewers captivated all the time. People who missed the regular shows were very happy to see these repeat telecasts and hence the popularity of these repeat telecasts gone up by a long way. With the majority of the American shows getting aired on Sky Three decreased a great extent as the last major series was the airing of Season 3 and 4 of Prison Break.

After Sky Three was renamed and rebranded as Pick TV, it started featuring the premium shows from Sky one including UK Border Force, Pineapple Dance Studios along with popular documentaries hosted by celebrity host Ross Kemp, “Gangs” and “In Search of Pirates” shows. 

Recently more funds have been pumped into this Free to Air (FTA) channel to increase the customers retention by airing premium programmed from Sky one and Sky Living after 12-18 months of their actual broadcasts in their respective channels. The content was also modified to some extent according to the Pick TV audience including the programmes like Z Nation and Monkey Life.

Top Shows on Pick TV

  • Z Nation
  • Monkey Life
  • Stargate Atlantis
  • Danger Dogs
  • Relic Hunter
  • A Town Called Eureka

Pick TV on Freeview 

When it comes to be the first FTA (free to air) channel from Sky, it was Sky Three. It was launched in 2005 replacing the EPG show from Sky Travel to attract lot more customers for its satellite service. Since launching in Freeview. Ratings started to increase in Channel 11 for Pick TV and it almost went past Sky Two as the share rating went to 1% when compared to the share rating of 0.1% of Sky Two.

Sky Thursdays

Another interesting move by Sky was to provide repeat telecast some of the popular shows from Sky including the Game of Thrones (GOT), Modern Family and Stella and Touch as free to watch programmes every Thursday through Freeview, FreeSat and Virgin became a big hit among the viewers.

When Pick TV introduced the Sky Thursdays, it was largely welcomed by its FTA (Free to air) Subscribers as it aired some of the popular episodes from the premium channels from Sky One and other channels. The reason many people turned on the Free to Air Channel is because most of the shows aired on Pick TV, even though they were repeat telecasts, they were only available on Pay TV channels.

Modern Family was the first show to be launched in the Sky Thursdays and being it as a comedy series, people started to like it. It was aired at a prime time of 7 PM followed by the Cyclist Bradley Wiggins documentary then the America's answer to Sherlock and Elementary at 9 pm. Every Thursday ended with the ever popular show of the decade, Sky Atlantic's Game of Thrones at 10 pm.

Pick TV Recent Updates

Recently Pick TV has acquired the rights to telecast the following popular show including:

  • Cold Case at 12 pm
  • Criminal Minds at 1 pm
  • House at 2 pm

Pick TV News

As said before, Pick TV is almost like a TV that combines everything from drama, popular shows along with the repeat telecast of the popular shows that not every broadcaster is willing to show on TV. Apart from the general entertainment programs, Pick TV also broadcasted the news bulleting from the Sky channels.