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We all love to flick through different channels and TV shows. Sometimes its like we are enjoying it like a video game rather than watching the programme itself but some people just want to quickly check up on the latest current affairs and events from the UK. Therefore, we have included Sky News for you here free.

Of course, you could just go straight to Youtube but you would be surprised how many people even know they can get Sky News TV on Youtube so we thought we would embed here for you to make it quick and easy to watch.

Please feel free to select another channel above though. Each one will lead you to the best way to watch that British channel.

We are constantly updating our site as new and exciting things happen. Plus, as we find better and better ways to deliver TV abroad to you.

We already are probably the main site for this on the internet but we seek to make watching TV online in every country as easy as it is in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland!