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Some people prefer this option as they are already familiar with the Facebook message interface.

Some ideas that you could talk to us about

Things we suggest that would be a good idea to converse with us on. Although, of course, feel free to message us anytime about anything. If we are online then we are online. If not we will get your message via email and reply soon as we can. Premium members will get responded to as a priority. Due to the high level of chat requests we get. We are as fanatical about support and helping people as much as we love watching UK TV.


Got an idea what we could add to the site? Thinks something should be changed or approved? Feel free to let us know. The whole site was built around previous feedback from users just like you.


Find some part of the site hard to use? Then message us and we would be happy to help you work it out. We have one of the easiest TV websites to use but we understand that you may need support with aspects of it.

Channel and Content Requests.

If there is any partical channel or program that you love then we would love to hear from you about it and we will do out best to get it for you. What ever it is. As long as it is not too naughty!


Got a business? Is it doing well but want it to do better? We have various advertising platforms that will help you reach the people that need your services or product solution the most.

Guest Posting.

Fellow bloggers are encouraged to contact us above if you have a blog or website you write on that does well or is growing. Or even if you just like posting to social networks. We would love to know what you have in mind that you could contribute to the site. Any content creation would be welcome. Of course, we could swap guest posting with you. Our site has tonnes of traffic that would love to hear your musings and adventures. TV lovers, expats and travel writers are especially requested. Of course, we could always share your project with our friends. 

Video submission and upload.

Our site is based on video. Both live streams and video on-demand (VOD). If you are also into creating video content then let us know. We would be happy to distribute them via our blog posts and page. We are working on a new video section that will be perfect for this and we have a wide audience and platforms to share then with for you. We are even going to have an upload function soon so we could host the videos for you.  We understand that people are moving away from the big video website likes Youtube for various reasons and we would be happy to take their place!