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Welcome to our troubleshooting page. 

Please use this guide before contacting support with stream related issues. 

NOTICE: This article needs updating and is outdated. The streams should work without problem once you have a VPN and are logged into to it and our site. Please click CATCH UP VPN tab at top of site. In the main navigation menu. This will give you the TV content you are looking for! If you are still having issues please contact support rather than reading this page.

Here we give you the best support we can to make sure your TV watching experience with us is as good as it could be. We realise you just want to watch a bit of British telly so we wrote this to help the few people having issues still. The first thing you should do is join/login, if you have not already. This is because there is more help in the member section (free) in the form of links to our forums and it will clear your local browsing cache. Which is usually the most common solution that works for people. 

Using Smartphone/Tablet?

Then you need MX Player. It is free and the best way we could ensure the most compatibility.

If you already have it installed on your device and you are still having challenges with the live channel streams, you may have to reinstall it. This should reset the link opening defaults for you.

Please note: Ad or script blocking plugins may result in you not being able to watch anything on our site. Please disable them for our site or completely. This is not intended as a means for us to make money but our player uses Javascript just like ads and other scripts do.

MX Player for Android.

MX Player for  IOS (Apple). 

On Desktop/Laptop?

If the streams are not playing for you then it is likely an issue with settings in your browser. Thousands of people watch them every day just fine. 

There are 3 basic fixes that should help.

  • Change browser. This is the easiest. For example, if you are using Firefox then use Chrome or Microsoft Edge.  Opera won't work at all and Internet Explorer is old and should not be used by anyone for anything.
  • Disable Ad blocking. Ad blockers are welcome to browse the site but they tend to disable scripts other than just ads. This would often include blocking the player itself. Thus, making it impossible for you to watch TV on most sites.  The same for script blockers. Even if you have not changed or installed anything somebody in your family, for example, may have.  https://help.stan.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/204778087-How-do-I-disable-AdBlock-
  • Clearing cache. Sometimes your current browser setting will be fine but your browser will have old incompatible settings cached. Please clear your cache and see if that helps. https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic

Again, the streams are working well. If they do not work for you then it is mostly likely a setting on your device. IE, the issue is because of user error, politely.  Changing browser is the easiest fix for this. We have no control how browsers work. Sometimes they will even update automatically without you knowing and we can't instantly have a fix ready. Although, of course, we try.

IF the streams are still not working after trying all this then feel free to contact support via our chat widget in the bottom left of this screen or via the SUPPORT tab. Although, if you are contacting us via support for stream issues and not something else we can only really direct you back to this page and since we are so busy helping people it will take time away from helping people with challenges we can actually solve. 

This site is currently focused on PC users and therefore browsers for the Windows operating system. They do work on some other devices but if they don't there is nothing we can currently do about it ourselves. We are working on full support for Mac, Android and IOS but there is not currently an ETA. Our best advice for these devices is just trying and see. 

Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy the TV!

Update: If all this fails to help you, we are working on a new system for live TV. Please join the site (it is free) and watch out for an email saying we have done this. There is also a list of our support forums on the inside.

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