Welcome to our troubleshooting page. 

NOTICE: We have live TV on our site that works great most of the time.  However, this page is to help you with the VPN and site that you can use with it. We recommend other sites when our streams are overloaded or for extra content we don't yet have.

First, you need the VPN we recommend on our "Catch UP VPN" page. It will give you both catch up TV and Live TV. It is FREE to download and you get a monthly allowance. Once you have downloaded and installed the VPN you just need to select the UK as the region you want to connect to. 

Once you have connected through the UK with the VPN we recommend you can use the live channels and recorded show streams on this site. If for some reason you are having problems please check this page to make sure you now have a UK IP address or don't hesitate to contact our support team. We love to help people. Especially British expats abroad. 

If you prefer to use streams on another site we also list a good selection of others places around the web where you can get British TV shows. Whether it is the official sites or others.

Sites to use.

What can you do with the VPN once you have it?
There has been a growing number of people trying the VPN as it is so good. However, we recommend sites for you to use it with. We do not have any streams ourselves now. AS you can;t get better than using the official sites just like a Brit would have access to. To facilitate this we recommend a VPN and we help people set it up.  You should be using it with sites such as iPlayer. There you can get live TV and catch up. If you go back to the Catch UP VPN page you will see a list of sites to use the VPN with. It is there for you as a reference and not just to direct you to getting the software.

If you are still having trouble please use the tools below before messaging chat support. Although, if you are still having issues after checking with the tools below we would love to help of course.


Making iPlayer Work Abroad.

Most people have no trouble with iPlayer as soon as they have downloaded the VPN and connected to to a UK server via its interface. Although, a few people are reporting issues with iPlayer and not other sites such as ITV Player. If you are having this issue there is an easy fix. Once you have connected to a UK server via the VPN to get a UK IP then you may need to clear browser cookies. If you don't know how to do this with the specific browser you are using you can Google it as they are hundreds of guides. Also, changing your browser may be simpler. Or you can contact our support team and we would be happy to guide you through this or any other help you may need. 


What is your IP.

Do you now have a UK IP address? This tool will tell you if you do or not.

To use most UK TV sites, especially the official ones, you will need a VPN. A VPN gives you a UK IP address through a physical server located in Britain. This will also help protect you from hackers online. If you don't have a UK IP address then either you don't have a VPN or the VPN you are using is not active and set to route through the UK. You can get the best VPN from HERE for FREE. That page also has a list of TV sites we also recommend in addition to the streams on this site. We are all about you the TV lover so we don't mind recommending other great TV sites.


Speedtest Tool
Is your speed fast enough for TV?

Please run this speed test by clicking on the link below. You should have a download speed of ideally more than 2Mb to watch TV streams You may get away with less than this but if you are experiencing playback issues that could be why.




Still having issues??

If according to the 2 tools on this page, you have a download speed of 2Mb and a UK IP address then you should be getting UK TV just fine.

If you do not have a UK IP address even though you got the VPN recommended by this website or you just need help then please contact support. We would love to help you and all this is much simpler than you are probably thinking it is. 

Support page: