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We have had to make some changes due to new rules from our partners.

Recently, been using our own player so we could provide free UK TV in the UK or abroad and it worked but now we have to use their player again.

This means it will only work in the EU and some other countries for now.
To get around this you can unblock geo-restrictions on this website and others with a VPN.
Watch UK TV abroad with this VPN: https://watchbritishtv.com/catchup/
If you have the VPN or you are in a compatible country you can go to our live TV here: https://watchbritishtv.com/live-tv/


The VPN is what I use personally when I am abroad. It is cheap and great value for the content you will get from the UK. In fact, you will be watching TV just as any Brit would. It also encrypts your internet connection so people can not snoop on it. This is especially important when you are using foreign hotels, internet cafes, wi-fi hotspots, etc. Plus, if that wasn't enough. There is a 7-day guarantee. So, if for any reason (or no reason) you don't like it. You can get your money back. No questions asked. But nobody ever does that as it just works. BONUS: Just in case you want help, you get live support from us AND the company we recommended above.

Although we will get free live TV abroad again when we find a work-around in a couple of weeks, we have decided to bring back our RECORDED shows within the next 24-48 hours. Like catch up but free and will work anywhere.

Give us a few days and we will have this service working again.

Always striving to bring you the best UK TV abroad online.

Kind regards,

Gary Cook.

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