Why you can’t usually watch UK TV when you are abroad

How frustrating is it when you go abroad, and you have a long journey and have WIFI, but you can’t even watch anything because your favourite show isn’t broadcast outside of the UK!

Why you can't usually watch UK TV when you are abroad Image
Trying to Watch UK Abroad but cant? The reasons why may surprise you.

Although there are valid reasons for this, surely if you’re travelling for a long amount of time throughout the world you need some British entertainment?  I know that I do simply because long journeys can otherwise get really boring.

UK TV for those long journeys abroad.

You can download as many films and Netflix shows as you want but it’s always nice to get the low-down on the shows running on UK TV whilst you’re away, yet, when you’re abroad you can’t do this. There are both long-running shows and dramas with just a few episodes but whether the shows you are into are long running or not you want to make sure you keep abreast of the story even when one is not in the United Kingdom.

Why you are not getting UK TV overseas right now.
There are several reasons why and also a way you can that I’ve listed in this post so hopefully you are no longer wishing you were back in the UK watching the television here. You can definitely enjoy the sun and sea with EastEnders in the background too.

One of the main reasons is that there are different laws in other countries as to what is allowed to be broadcast on TV, in the UK curse words and violence is allowed after the 9 pm watershed but not before that. In certain countries around the globe violence especially is not tolerated on their TV shows. This, therefore, means that TV channels in other countries don’t show shows from the UK.

TV licensing is also another big thing flag when it comes to watching TV shows abroad. Most of the time, anywhere in the UK you can watch catch-up TV such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player but when you’re away you can never do this, this is because you don’t have or own a TV license where you’re travelling, although you have one for at home, the different laws around the EU and the rest of the world means you can’t access what you normally would.

Solving how to get TV from the United Kingdom abroad.

When you search and click on the player of your choice and you’re not in the United Kingdom it will simply say it’s not available in your country (meaning the country you are in) despite having a British laptop or device it will still mean you are unable to access it.

Something you can do to fix this issue is to download a VPN. A VPN will allow you to access a server from the UK (and transmit it like it’s your laptop) and therefore watch the programme in peace whilst all the information is encrypted.

Don’t worry, anything you do whilst using a VPN is safe and secure (not like a proxy!) and you can be rest assured that no one will be coming after you for watching your favourite shows whilst you’re enjoying your holiday.

When you come back to the British Isles you can keep the VPN on your laptop so it’s there for the next time you go away, or you can leave it. If you’re lucky enough to live in another country the best thing to do is to buy a good quality VPN and leave it on your device all the time and you’ve then always get your favourite British TV shows abroad at the click of a button or two.