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UK Television Is Just Moments Away

If you are living in the UK or travelling abroad and would like to watch live British television online for free then you are going to want to head over to our live streaming page.

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If you are living abroad and would like to be able to still catch up with your favourite UK TV shows and series using services like BBC iPlayer abroad then I have a free simple solution for you, one which I use myself to watch British television abroad for free in Spain.

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Living In The UK And Want To Stream Live TV For Free?

UK television is just one click away, all you need to do is visit our live streaming page. Simply click the Watch UK TV At Home button below to check out all the best UK television channels allowing you to enjoy all of your favourite shows and series. It really is as simple as that.

Living Abroad And Want To Watch UK Television For Free?

UK television is just a few moments away, all you need to do is safely download the same free software I’ve been using for years. In the below video I show you step by step how to download, install and use the free software. You can be watching UK TV abroad in less than 5 minutes.


Watch British TV – An Introduction To My Website

Watch British TV was created to help people watch UK TV online for free. The site has all the best channels and shows you are missing from home. There is nothing complicated to set up or contracts to worry about. Both catch-up on demand (coming back soon) and live TV. Just join and press play to watch. Simple to use for any age group. With dozens of channels and hundreds of recorded shows, you will never miss live British TV live again. Whether you are at home or away on holiday.

We also have a thriving community of expats and passionate admins who are happy to help with all your online TV-related challenges!

Watching UK TV online for free either at home or abroad just got so much easier for you.

How Does The Software Work So You Can Watch UK TV Abroad For Free?

First of all, I want to explain why you can’t usually watch UK TV abroad for free using services like BBC iPlayer and 4oD. This is due to licensing and the fact that when you try to access the service your computer is telling the service provider that you are outside of the UK. They know this because of your computers IP address which is always automatically set to the country you are in.

The solution is simple, you can use this free software. The software is a VPN (virtual private network). The VPN software works by changing the IP address of your computer you are in whatever country you choose in the settings. For the purpose of watching British television aboard you will want to set the software to show your computer is in the UK, therefore, bypassing settings that UK catch up services like BBC iPlayer have there you can only use the service if you are in the UK.

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What Can You Do Now On Watch British TV


Watch Live and catch up TV for free just like any Brit would. Dozens of live British TV channels online.

Expedient help from our support team via our widget

News and reviews of TV shows and products especially for expats visiting or living outside of the British Isles.

Use our advanced TV guide interface to get info on your fav shows from the UK with no fuss.

Encrypt your internet connection and stay safe online even when you are abroad.

Live group Skype community chat for watching TV and chatting with people, whilst on your device, that is also using our site

Free allowance when you join the recommended VPN through this page.
Step By Step Guide On How To Set Up The Software

What You Will Be Able To Do Soon On Watch British TV

Get extra high quality and even HD Live TV through this website.

Many more channels for your viewing pleasure.

Video On Demand (VOD) from top British pod-casters.

New forums topic for British expats to network in their area.

Learn the best places to go and services to use where you live.

Local meet-ups in your city/town. Even date if that is your thing!

Earn points by helping us with small tasks such as marking adverts so we can remove them for you and other people.

Spend your points on even more content and gifts for you and your friends.

Earn money by referring friends. Or even make it a proper business with our training. Maybe even get yourself a white-label version of the site to maximise your potential.

Uk TV shows abroad on all devices

UK TV Online For Expats Abroad Anywhere

My project, Watch British TV, started simply as a way to help a few friends that are British ex-pats to get some TV they were missing from back home. I found it sad that they were struggling to keep some connection with the UK due to not being able to find a way to legally unblock geo-restricted content from where they are.

This one cause, a singular vision, blossomed into this website. The premier place on the web where people can get what they are looking for from ‘Blighty’. Boasting thousands of members and more content than any other site like it. There just isn’t, in our opinion, really any other UK entertainment site out there that loves to help the expats community as much we do.

Not only do we help people watch TV abroad but we also provide live TV in players so that all people have to do is press play and they will be instantly brought back to feeling connected to home by their favourite characters from the world-class programs. Like Eastenders, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, etc.

Not Just About British TV Shows Online!

What you have found is not just for when you want to watch a television series online or even the best site to download British TV. Nor is it about getting your BBC live so you don’t miss the latest Eastenders episode. It is about more than finding how to get British TV shows online free. It is a forum. A directory. A community! Please share our site with everybody you know. That is what keeps it available and for free for everybody anywhere.