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Watch British TV Online Live FREE. Catch Up UK Or Abroad.

Now, watch British TV online for free. All the best channels and shows you are missing from home. No complicated setting up or contracts to worry about.

Both catch-up on demand (coming back soon) and live TV. Just join and press play to watch. Simple to use for any age group.

With dozens of channels and hundreds of recorded shows, you will never miss British TV live online again. Whether you are at home or away on holiday.

We also have a thriving community of expats and passionate admins who are happy to help with all your TV-related challenges online!

Watch UK TV online outside of the UK for free. It just got so much easier for you.

So, what are you waiting for.....

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UK TV Online for Expats Abroad Anywhere.

Our project, Watch British TV, started simply as a way to help a few friends that are British ex-pats to get some TV they were missing from their home in the UK. We found it sad that they wanted to keep some connection still with their original country but we not able to find any websites that allowed them to legally unblock geo-restricted content anywhere they are.

This one cause, a singular vision, blossomed into this website. The premier place on the web where people can get what they are looking for from 'Blighty'. Boasting thousands of members and more content than any other site like it. There just isn't, in our opinion, really any other UK entertainment site out there that loves to help the ex-pats community as much we do.

Not only do we help people with geo-blocked content but we also provide live TV in players so that all people have to do is press play and they will be instantly brought back to feeling connected to home by their favourite characters from the world-class programs. Like Eastenders, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, ETC.

We also find people see it as extremely important to keep up to date with the news. Of course, they would. As they still often have loved ones and also business assets in the Brit isles Isles.

As we plan for the future we are considering providing more information than just shows and telly streams. We also want to make it a one stop shop for UK expats abroad to not only get their favourite British TV online anywhere but also more news and things like financial information, currency exchange rates and also information that will help them in their 2nd home abroad. Such as a local business directory for their area and networking groups.

Atdhe24 Live Sports Streaming

We now have live sports streaming! From the famous network of free sites. We have all the legal matches and games without any buffering or ads blocking your enjoyment or wasting your time.

Your favourite teams and players. Everything from Manchester United to Chicago Bulls. Also all the less known world class teams and lower league sides. Every country and division of all sports. You will be impressed with our selections for you to watch and loads more is on the horizon.

Whether its, BBC sports. Sky TV and BT Sports. Even American ones like Fox and CNN. Although only what we are allowed to show. Nothing that is banned on other Atdhe.TV 24 hour sites.

What is your sport addiction? American Football, tennis, basketball, Rugby union/league, hockey, soccer, swimming athletics, baseball, olympics, ETC. Even archery?

Looking forward to seeing you inside our community of sporting fanatics.

Not just about British TV Shows Online!

Not just about British TV Shows Online!

What you have found is not just for when you want to watch a television series online or even the best site to download British TV. Nor is it about getting your BBC live so you don't miss the latest Eastenders episode. It is about more than finding how to get British TV shows online free. It is a forum. A directory. A community! Please share our site with everybody you know. That is what keeps it available and for free for everybody anywhere.

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